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renaming files in excel VBA - Stack Overflow,16 Oct 2011 Sub DemoFindFile() Dim fso As FileSystemObject Dim Fl As file Set fso = New Fl.Name End If Set Fl = Nothing Set fso = Nothing End Sub.

The Rise of Sub-Contracting in South African Gold Mines - jstor,implications of sub-contracting in South African gold mines since 1990. It has three main the major studies of migrant labour in the gold mining industry, published between 1987 and 1995, even mention it Nigel Mining. 0. 157. RAK. Mining.

Nigel, Gauteng - Wikipedia,Nigel is a small gold mining town in Gauteng Province, South Africa southeast of Johannesburg. The town is on the edge of the area known as the East Rand.

VBA Excel 2-Dimensional Arrays - Stack Overflow,21.8k66 gold badges7070 silver badges128128 bronze badges Tested it on mine and it at least did the same thing as ReDim and it did seem faster. Public Sub ArrayToRange(rngTarget As Excel. On Error Resume Next ' ' Author: Nigel Heffernan ' HTTP

What should I do when 'svn cleanup' fails? - Stack Overflow,When starting all over is not an option I deleted the log file in the .svn directory (I also deleted the offending file in .svn/props-base ), did a

php - How to authenticate users before downloading files? - Stack ,Got this to work nicely for a website of mine. You may be able to speed up the code by allowing caching. This way will not force downloading tho, which worked

'youtube-api' New Answers - Stack Overflow,I think they predict counter changes and add subs automatically. panel and then add new subs looking into myResentSubscribers query. Nigel B. Peck.

sub nigel gold mining company limited,Sub nigel gold mining company in lagos Products As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced,

Processing large JSON files in PHP - Stack Overflow,I've written a streaming JSON pull parser pcrov/JsonReader for PHP 7 with an api based on XMLReader. It differs significantly from event-based parsers in that

sql - excel vba - query on a spreadsheet - Stack Overflow,End Sub Public Function FetchXLRecordSet(ByVal SQL As String, ParamArray Public Sub RangeToFile(ByRef strRange As String) ' Output a range to a csv file in a Nigel Heffernan Aug 18 '17 at 18:34 You'll need to change your sheets' codenames

Split array into chunks - Stack Overflow,The array.slice method can extract a slice from the beginning, middle, or end of an array for whatever purposes you require, without changing the original array.

Does Nigel Slater Have a Partner?,According to and, Nigel Slater is married to a woman. However, this information is not verifiable as of 2015 and refuted in the New York Times' review of the play based on Slater's book, "Toast."

How to deploy different version of file for different build ,As your situation is similar to mine, I had to adjust the technique in the article by creating separate subfolders under the ExtraFiles folder for

The African Mine workers strike of 1946 South African History Online,8 Jan 2013 Even before the formation of the African Mine Workers Union (AMWU), was used against mineworkers on strike at Langlaagte Estate Gold Mine. At Sub Nigel, with a total workforce of 5,000, all the miners at the Betty

GetValue + loop = Can it go faster? - Stack Overflow,Your ExecuteExcel4Macro call is likely slowing down the process, as it opens the same workbook 12,445 times. You're dealing with two 2-D

c# - Unable to copy file, Access to the path is denied - Stack Overflow, Properties -> Unchecked Read Only Option and apply to files and its sub folders. So I just ran into the same issue, the cause of mine, I had my development

Our History About us Gold Fields,Today, Gold Fields is a leading global gold mining company that has built on its The Robinson Deep, Sub-Nigel and Simmer & Jack Gold Mines are opened,

Send Email Intent - Stack Overflow,when you will change your intent.setType like below you will get intent.setType("text/plain");. Use android.content.Intent.ACTION_SENDTO to get only the list of

How to remove all non alphanumeric characters from a string except ,xyz 1,787○77 gold badges○3434 silver badges○5353 bronze badges. edited Jul 9 '18 at 18:41 Sub CleanAll() Dim rng As Range For Each rng In Sheets("Sheet1"). Simply place this sub in the same module and execute it. Be aware Ironically, mine ra

NLP reverse tokenizing (going from tokens to nicely formatted ,text) text = re.sub('\s*\?\s*', '? ', text). There are more edge cases with punctuations, but this is pretty simple and slightly better than ' '.join.

Element Tree: How to parse subElements of child nodes - Stack Overflow,Since the XML document has a namespace declaration ( xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents" ), you have to use universal names

Organized Crime and Illegally Mined Gold in Latin America,Global Initiative publications, for her outstanding guidance, and Nigel Saperia on the link between illegal gold mining and organized crime in Latin America, deal with their 'direct suppliers,' and does not directly touch upon sub-contracted.

Gauteng (South Africa): Province, Urban Areas and Places ,Westonaria (- Simunye - Libanon Gold Mine), Urban Area . The aggregation of sub places to "reasonable" urban areas was done by »City Population«.

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sub nigel gold mine