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Hottest 'nlp' Answers - Stack Overflow,You could use this one liner: b = ['blood', 'pressure', 'high blood', 'blood pressure', 'high blood pressure'] result = [ i for i in b if not any( [ i in a for a in b if a != i] )] I

Accessories Seal made of pure silver, Silver gasket 50 - for ,Accessories Seal made of pure silver, Silver gasket 50 - for autoclave beaker/head (model II). From Carl ROTH 2172.1, 1 unit(s), Silver gasket 18 - for pressure gauge, €42.95 High-pressure laboratory autoclaves Model II Basic equipment.

How to draw path with variable width in canvas - Stack Overflow,You can get the touch pressure and velocity using MotionEvent. Next, you need to create a function to map a particular velocity or pressure to a certain width.

Cartopy plot high/low sea level pressure on map - Stack Overflow,In order to write an equivalent program using cartopy you need to be able to translate two concepts. The first is finding the extent of a projection,

C# Excessive Garbage Collection - Large Strings, G2 pressure ,Microsoft decided to design the String class so that all strings are stored in memory as a monolithic sequence of characters. While this works

Silver molybdate - Wikipedia,Silver molybdate (Ag2MoO4) crystals presents two types of electronic structure, depending on the pressure conditions to which the crystal is subjected. However, when exposed to high hydrostatic pressure, these crystals have a tetragonal

python - Peak detection in a 2D array - Stack Overflow,11 Sep 2010 I'm helping a veterinary clinic measuring pressure under a dogs paw. Here is another idea: if you know the typical size of the high-pressure

Fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles Using High-Pressure Wet-Type ,Silver nanoparticles (NPs) were fabricated using a high-pressure wet-type jet mill. A mixture containing both aqueous silver nitrate and a cellulose nanofiber

JAM 6113 P Pearly Silver - Admira,Latest Library Space Aspiration · Home · Products · HPL · Collection · Pearlescent; Pearly Silver. Pearly Silver High Pressure Laminates · Cerarl · Matchmake

How do I fix the error, "Model is structurally singular, error ,but then there are other issues related to low pressure etc. Obviously adding just an inertia with default inertia isn't the correct model - but I

Flink back pressure indication - how to identify its root cause ,In the Flink UI, backpressure for a task indicates that the task's call to collect() is blocking. So if tasks 1 & 2 in your example have backpressure,

Pressure-driven band gap engineering in ion-conducting ,3 Jan 2019 aCenter for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Typically, silver ion conductors usually possess an optical band gap (Eg), such

java - Autogenerate UUID or timeuuid in spring-data Cassandra , which would consume some random entropy on your system. However, if your system is not running with too much high pressure you should be safe. share.

A New Silver Badge That Robots Simply Can't Win - Meta Stack Overflow,30 Sep 2016 By making this proposed badge a silver one you are basically stating a kind of extracurricular activity, there is some pressure to participate.

Tap pressure strength detection using accelerometer - Stack Overflow,Once triggered, it will have the "pressure" set to a float between 0.0f and Then start the app (High Pass filter, better using Adaptive filtering):

High-Pressure Behavior of Silver Fluorides up to 40 GPa - Inorganic ,15 Nov 2017 A combined experimental–theoretical study of silver(I) and silver(II) fluorides under high pressure is reported. For AgI, the CsCl-type structure is

Hottest 'spring-data-cassandra' Answers - Stack Overflow,However, if your system is not running with too much high pressure you should be safe. java cassandra spring-data uuid spring-data-cassandra. answered Feb

Lumintrail 160 PSI High Pressure Dual Valve Bike Floor Pump with ,Free 2-day shipping. Buy Lumintrail 160 PSI High Pressure Dual Valve Bike Floor Pump with Gauge Presta Schrader Dunlop (Silver) at Walmart.com.

Dealing with high traffic the right way - Stack Overflow,When there is high pressure it takes about 3-5 seconds before I get "completed" back and some times more. I'm hoping to get 10 times as many

java memory pressure - Stack Overflow,I guess this is not required in Java. 'If a small managed object allocates a large amount of unmanaged memory' can simply not happen in Java,

The Peer Pressure badge seems to invite bad posts, is that so ,As mentioned in Michael Mrozek's answer to the related question on MSE, Badges should reward positive behavior, badges always meet one

Gold, silver prices feel the pressure from record-high U.S. stock ,5 Nov 2019 Prices have been trending higher for five weeks. Silver bulls' next upside price breakout objective is closing prices above solid technical

Aqualisa Infinia 4 Smart High Pressure Shower with 130mm ,Buy Aqualisa Infinia 4 Smart High Pressure Shower with 130mm Handset and Drencher, Silver from our Showers & Shower Heads range at John Lewis

App keep crashing due to memory pressure - Stack Overflow,Is the app crashing because of the high live bytes? Yes. What should value of the live bytes be? There's not fixed number. The limits change

What Is High Oil Pressure?,High oil pressure occurs when an unusually high amount of pressure is required to circulate oil through the engine of a car. Most cars have oil pressure gauges that show how much pressure is used to circulate the oil. After a car runs for approximately 20 minutes, the n

Convenient Modern Metal Silver Copper Bidet Spray Gun Booster ,Buy Convenient Modern Metal Silver Copper Bidet Spray Gun Booster Nozzle Bathroom Toilet Matching High Pressure Washer Copper Shower Faucet Durable

Low-pressure sintering of silver micro- and nanoparticles for a high ,Die attach using a pick & place process based on pressure-assisted Ag sintering was described for the assembly of hybrid circuits designed for operation up.

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